Irreverent creative intuition, seductive elegance in design, disruptive craftsmanship,

strict and indomitable attention to details, overwhelming passion for art.

Of take your breath away.

This is the essence of artistic perfection.


In conceiving, designing and making its own jewelry, Saracino Roma aims to combine the high quality of its creations with design excellence, always innovating.

Each jewel Saracino Rome is the product of creative intuition, passion for the art of jewellery, strict attention to detail, and a tradition of excellence of Italian craftsmanship. Unique heritage. This in order to make each piece a work of art timeless, enduring example of elegance, perfect to wear in the wider spectrum of opportunities. Daily.

The iconic transparency Chevalier Sigillvm Ring, obtained through the secret stove enamelling technique Plique-à-jour, Open to the light, tells a story of intuition, innovation and seductive elegance in design.

Hand selected natural diamonds and gems, precious metals, enamels, bold color combinations, this unmistakable Saracino Roma, in a perfect and ethereal balance between classic and modern style.

Thanks to the innovative design, bold and refined, with a classic soul, but contemporary in form and content, suspended in perfect balance between high quality, craftsmanship and strong product recognition, the company’s goal is to make jewelry that aspire to excellence, able to excite, seduce and enchant. Up to take your breath away.